Online High Performance Training & Athlete Development App

Introductory Training Program - Ages 8-10

Jr. Development Training Program - Ages 11-13

Jr. Elite Training Program - Ages 14-17

Elite Training Program - Ages 18+


2020 Off-Season Programs are now available for all players, age 8 and up, playing at any level of hockey. Progressively phased programming has been developed for a wide array of skill and ability. Set up is quick and easy; simply select your program from the list above, purchase a license, and complete the intake form to get started. 

Each program incorporates instruction, education, and reporting in the following categories, respectively:

  • Off-Ice Training
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery

The Mobile Application makes the athlete’s off-ice training program and nutrition advice available to their phone or tablet. The daily questionnaire allows athletes to track hydration, sleep, nutrition and recovery. Each week the system sends a report summary to the athlete (and/or parents, if applicable). 

The specific elements of the Online Training Program include:

Off-Ice Training:

  • Progressive Training Programs
  • Proper Dynamic Warm Ups and Age-Appropriate Workouts for All Levels
  • Equipment Requirements Vary (options and modifications are available)


  • Weekly Nutrition Tips and Recipes
  • Nutrition Blog Posts and Articles


  • Daily questionnaire designed to track and assess sleep quality, hydration, nutrition, and recovery.
  • Data is collected and graphed in the athlete’s web profile.
  • Results can be used to make adjustments to the athlete’s program over time.