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  • The Recovery Menu - Why You Should Be Using These Tools

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    The game of hockey is at its very best when it’s played with passion, speed, and a willingness to lay it all on the line. The exhilaration of hockey can be felt in NHL arenas across North America, in community rinks filled with tomorrow’s stars, and even on the outdoor rink battling for neighborhood bragging rights.  Unfortunately, the game of hockey can also be unforgiving on your body. The hard shifts, battles for the puck, blocked shots, and open ice hits will take a toll over a game, week, or season and will break you down physically and mentally. To help……

  • Congratulations Robert Thomas

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      On Monday July 29th we had the pleasure of having Robert Thomas from the St. Louis Blues; 2019 Stanley Cup champion, and one of our GRHPT athletes bring the cup to the gym. Robert has trained with our team since 2015, and has continuously dedicated himself to being the best athlete he can be.  Robert has successfully won the memorial cup, gold medal world junior championships, and most recently the Stanley cup.  Robert was drafted in the 1st round, 20th pick (20th overall) in 2017 by the St. Louis Blues and joined the line up at the age of 19. In the……

  • Anti Inflammatory Smoothie

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    Turmeric and ginger are spices that contain both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties within the human body.  Antioxidants help to reduce oxidative stress built up in the body during exercise. Adding anti-inflammatory foods into the diet is great for athletes who put stress on their body on a regular basis. Exercise can create excess inflammation in the body due to the physical stress on the body, so it is even more important for athletes to consume anti-inflammatory foods. 

  • Simple Protein Banana Pancakes

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    Gary Roberts High Performance Training

    Simple protein banana pancakes are a quick and easy recipe to follow that provides a great source of fuel for the body.

    This is recipe is great for individuals that prefer a sweet over savory breakfast. This breakfast is filled with fibre, protein, and healthy fats. Fibre is key to have with meals as it assists with digestion as well as assist in maintaining fullness and prolonging hunger.

  • Recovery: PART 1

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    Recovery: PART 1

    With much of an athlete’s effort focused on training, it is easy to forget the importance of recovery. However, if athletes fail to dedicate themselves to recovery, the energy and time they spend in the gym may not translate to their sport performance and career longevity The process of training stresses the body on both a physical and neurological level. Proper recovery provides necessary resources that the body needs to adapt to these stressors thereby improving physical capacity. Every time an athlete steps onto the ice or into a weightroom these resources are depleted. Equal focus must be placed on post……

  • Sugar Cravings: PART 2

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    Nutrition & Lifestyle Factors! Let’s talk about two important hormones that relate to carbohydrate release of sugar into our bloodstream: Insulin and Glucagon. All sugar taken into our bodies (whether from simple or complex carbohydrates) is broken down in glucose (which is the simplest form of sugar that is used for energy throughout the body). Insulin helps to accompany the glucose from our bloodstream and into our tissues where it is either stored for later use or burned as fuel. The more simple carbohydrates you consume the increase in glucose in the bloodstream and therefore the more insulin to be released. Our……

  • The Benefits Of Physical Activity

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    It’s National Men’s Health Awareness week and I’d like to raise awareness by discussing some of the benefits that physical activity has on one’s health, and how it can decrease the risk of disease. Take some time this week to do a bit of research on your own health. Mix up your training regimen, try something new, make some positive changes to your diet and focus on good recovery strategies. Participating in physical activity on a daily basis can decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, osteoarthritis, hypertension, depression as well as early mortality. Adding physical activity into one’s……

  • Sugar Cravings: PART 1

    Author: Sylvie Tetrault (RHN) | | Categories: June 2017, Nutrition

    The thing with sugar is that the more you have of it, the more you want. What is it about sugar (and carbohydrates) that make it so addicting? Sugar is addictive and it is everywhere, it is in our face at the coffee shop, in our homes, and even hidden in a lot of processed foods we don’t even think contain sugar. Multiple studies have been done to connect sugar to increasing dopamine which is the pleasure neurotransmitter in the brain- it makes us feel satisfied and then when sugar depletes after being used up really quickly we crave that feeling again……

  • 5 Foods to ADD IN to diet today...

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    5 Foods to ADD IN to diet today...

      5 foods to ADD IN to your diet today…   We are often assaulted with a list of what foods you have to eliminate from your diet, a series of ‘don’t eat this’ requirements and finger wagging. It becomes a form of negativity and the focus is taken away foods that are important to add IN to your diet. There are definitely a number of “food like substances” (foods which are not whole and are highly processed and packaged) that are important to avoid/ eliminate down the road but let’s start by adding in the good stuff. The elimination will begin to take……

  • Announcing the new website

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    announcing the new website

    We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website!